Shipping Annoyances

Well, this rant truly is quick and more a complaint. This time it’s about FedEx vs UPS. Which do I prefer? Brown of course… The reason is simple.

If I order something from say… Amazon. It will generally be shipped from California (Los Angeles area to be exact) and I live in Tucson, Arizona. So, that’s a 7 hour drive between the two. Pretty quick. Now, lets say I were to choose standard ground shipping (which is 5-7 business days for both carriers) and had it shipped via UPS. Guess when it’d get here? That’s right 2, maybe 3 business days. Because it doesn’t take very long to ship between two adjoining states.

However, if I were to choose the same ground shipping with FedEx, guess when it would get here? 5 business days. Even better is that I get to watch it sit in some storage facility (well, watch b/c of the tracking) while the days tick by. Granted, I AM getting the service that I paid for. But really, does it do FedEx ANY good to hold the package for a few days and therefore annoy customers? I think not, but apparently they do.

So, the moral of the story is that every time I can ship UPS, I do. FedEx is the bane of my shipping existence (ok, well… USPS would be if I shipped anything through them). Which is why I prefer Brown :-)